Many guests travel with their pets. Dogs, especially, have become part of the family and go on vacations with the family much more than years past. At the Coachman Inn, we have set aside special Pet Friendly Rooms. These rooms are for owners and pets. The quality and upkeep of the rooms is the same, if not superior, to the cleanliness of our other guest rooms.

Our entire staff takes pride in the quality of housekeeping at our hotel!


  • Domesticated animals only. (No farm animals)

  • Maximum 2 pets per room.

  • Pets are not allowed on the beds, or chairs.

  • Please clean up after your pet.

  • Cost is additional $20.00 per night per pet.

  • Pet cannot stay in the room unattended.

  • Pets cannot be brought into halls, or non pet rooms.

  • Pets must always be leashed or crated when outside the room.

  • Guest must have credit card on file.

Pet restrictions may apply – please ask if you have an unusual situation.

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